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Product updates | 16 December 2021

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Product updates

Before you leave for the Christmas holidays, we've got some exciting Growth Channel app updates for you to get a head start into 2022 🚀

1. New AI content writer formats

Generate content with AI for blog titles, email subject lines, landing page headlines, taglines, and slogans (in addition to your favorite ad copy). Head over to Plan > Content in your Growth Channel dashboard to generate more creative copy.


New content formats

Generate content with AI for: blog titles landing page headlines subject lines taglines slogans

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2. Team collaboration

Invite collaborators to your Growth Channel workspaces to work together on personas, content, growth tactics, market research, and website optimization initiatives. Head over to Account > Team to invite your colleagues.


Manage Team members

Add and remove team members from workspaces

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3. Custom branding

If you're a reseller, enterprise, or marketing agency and want to customize your Growth Channel dashboard branding to your own - now you can! Head over to Account > Branding to change the styling of your dashboard appearance. 


Change branding

Update colours (primary & secondary) and logo of your workspaces. Available for white-label resellers access

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To learn more about how you can upgrade your account access, reach out to us via live chat, email support, or submit the contact form.

Have a feature idea?

We launched a public roadmap and if you have feedback or ideas you'd like to share - simply drop them to the roadmap & we will consider your suggestions as we further develop the app!

Happy Hacking 🤖

The Growth Channel Team