New updates and improvements to Growth Channel

Platform updates 3 October'22

New Feature

Global ad exclusion rules

Now you can add any exclusion rules on a global level which will be applied to all of your new targeting criteria when you create new audiences! Be it custom sites, states, pixels, or IP addresses - now you can add exclusions once and for all, in addition to single audience rules. Go to Settings to set up your global exclusion rules >>   

Archive inactive items

Now you can archive any of your inactive CampaignsAudiencesCreatives, and Pixels to keep your dashboard organized and clear of any old and unwanted items. Simply click to Archive an item and click to Confirm action.    

Check creative size

If you previously stumbled upon uploading a banner for your campaign that never went live and you were wondering why - one of the reasons can always be the unsupported file. Now you can validate your uploads with file size, dimensions, and format before adding your creatives to the campaign. Upload new Creatives for your campaign >>

New trainings available

From getting started on a DSP advertising platform, to writing content with AI, creating personas, and mastering custom audiences, these training sessions will help you get the most of the Growth Channel platform. Explore our free training sessions >>

Growth Libary refresh

Growth Library just got an upgrade with a new look, public access, and voting for the best growth marketing tactics. Explore our marketplace of the best TacticsTools, and Agencies to help you grow your business.   

We want your feedback!

What new ad formats you'd like to get access to next?

  • TikTok ads
  • Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Search ads
  • Amazon ads
  • Backpack digital out-of-home ads
  • Restaurant table top ads
  • Survey distribution to your target demographic
  • Door hanger ad distribution to custom audiences
  • Other?

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New advertising channels

What new ad formats you'd like to get access to next? TikTok ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, Search ads, Amazon ads?

Maryna BUrushkina
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