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Platform updates 22 November'22

New Feature

Tracking offline conversions

Measuring offline conversions is now possible inside the Growth Channel DSP! With the partnership of Gravy Analytics, Growth Channel DSP Pixels will be attributing the foot traffic conversions of your programmatic campaigns at no extra cost.

How it works:

  1. Create a pixel with the address(es) as a pixel name
  2. Link desired pixel to the Conversion campaign
  3. Launch campaign & track conversions in Reporting

Our platform will feed the foot traffic data directly into your reporting dashboard to measure the conversions and CPA of your campaigns!

Create a campaign >>

Sorting tables

You can now sort tables in reporting and management controls of the Growth Channel DSP v2! Finding your top-performing sites, campaigns, creatives, and geos is now easier than ever! Go to Reports >>   

Save drafts

Have you started creating an audience or a campaign, and then suddenly switched to something else? Now in Growth Channel you can come back to where you started - for your audiences, creatives, and campaign drafts!   

Forecast your reach

Identify your potential audience reach, the share of voice (SOV), and any potential data costs for your campaigns, even before they go live! Simply create a new forecast for one of your saved audiences, add a few parameters, and you'll get your estimates within a few hours right in your dashboard. You'll then also be able to easily launch your campaign, starting from your Forecasts dashboard. Create a forecast >>   

More white-label options

If you're an agency interested in white-label solutions, we now support custom markups, payments, and user management for Agency plan subscribers. Interested to see it in action? Schedule a demo >>


CNAME / Embed

Enable custom domain for Resellers and white-label users

Maryna BUrushkina